Art Work Design and Digitizing Services


Harrielle can consult with you to design the artwork for your project. We can recreate artwork from an image as small as a cocktail napkin. Bring us your idea and we will work with you to complete the design. If artwork supplied requires typesetting, changes or touchups in order to complete the decoration, charges may apply. Custom artwork will be billed by time on a per job basis.

Harrielle Embroidery reserves the right to reject any artwork it deems objectionable due to language or content. All art files created by Harrielle remain the work product of Harrielle. All artwork is kept on file at Harrielle.

Customers must acknowledge and approve all proofs before production can be scheduled.

Our screenprinting department uses this INK COLOR CHART for your prints.  You are also able to browse our THREAD COLORS, which are highlighted in yellow.

  • Valley AA artwork proof
  • Lower Bucks Basketball artwork proof
  • Valley AA artwork proof
  • IMG artwork proof
  • Valley AA artwork proof
  • Team Flicka artwork proof
  • Struble Elementary artwork proof
  • Bensalem Cheerleading artwork proof
  • 3 on 3 artwork proof
  • Upper Perk Robotics artwork proof
  • Snyder Owls artwork proof
  • Girl Scouts artwork proof
  • Battle of the B's front artwork proof
  • Battle of the B's back artwork proof
  • TESCO artwork proof
  • Bonfire Babes artwork proof
  • Bellyfloppers artwork proof
  • Belmont Hills 6th Grade back artwork proof
  • Valley Sr Babe Ruth artwork proof
  • NAGS bag artwork proof
  • Doylestown Rugby artwork proof
  • Leaps-N-Bounders 10 Year artwork proof
  • Bensalem Strings front artwork proof
  • Bensalem Strings back artwork proof
  • Snyder Dance Team proofs
  • Left Leg
  • Cherokee Day Camp artwork proof
  • Snyder Music front left chest artwork proof
  • Snyder Music back artwork proof
  • Snyder Softball artwork proof
  • Team Willa front and back proof
  • Valley Lightning Bolts artwork proof
  • Maccabi front and back proofs
  • Snyder Reading Olympics proof
  • Snyder Reading Olympics proof
  • Valley AA proofs
  • Snyder Softball proof
  • Valley Basketball proof
  • Greek Life front and back proof
  • Snyder NJHS proof
  • Bensalem Soccer proofs
  • Snyder Girls Basketball proofs
  • COPPA Soccer proof
  • Equipment Depot front and back proofs
  • Shafer Student Government proof
  • Shafer Photography Club proof
  • Valley Soccer proof
  • Shafer STEM proof
  • Valley Softball proof
  • Tifereth Israel proof
  • Snyder Track and Field proof
  • Snyder Reading Olympics proof
  • Snyder Reading Olympics proof